Furling system works

Every season, as boats make their way out of the winter storage conditions to live in the water, they go through a checklist that often neglects winching systems.

The typical list usually includes looking over engine rooms for leaks or corrosion; checking generators and refrigerators; testing bilges for proper levels and adding antifouling paint or barnacles to hulls and keels.

The one neglected system is usually the winches, which help control position on boat’s tether in portages.

Dirty poly cables can wrap themselves around parts of a winch mechanism, making things difficult when it comes time to haul up lines upon departure. It also creates an increased risk from broken wires with frayed insulation.

When you’re gearing up for an offshore sailing trip, it’s imperative to ensure your winches are in tip-top shape.

In our shipyard in Barcelona (Arenys de Mar) we have the knowledge and vision to take care of all aspects of an overhaul. In addition to performing routine maintenance services like cleaning, inspecting, and replacing worn parts in every type of winch, we also offer replacement spools.

If you don’t see what you need listed on our site just yet, please reach out – we’ll be happy to help with that special order.


Sailing Solutions deals with the most important deck hardware companies, fitting top quality parts on board. Service and supply of winches, tracks, blocks, furling systems ,fullbatten systems etc. We advise our customers on the best hardware system choice to have the best chart performance during their navigations.

Deck Hardware

  • Traveller systems
  • Genoa & Main sheet tracks
  • Deck Organizers
  • Blocks
  • Clutches
  • Jammers
  • Deck plans and Layout
winch works

We advise our clients that it is very important to service and inspect their winches at least once a year.
Winch parts are continuously working at high loads, so they need cleaning, inspection, replacement of worn parts and working test.​

Services Offered

  • Winch Parts
  • Winch Installations
  • Winch Service
  • Winch Repairs
FURLING systems

When rolling the sail around a stay, being able to completely rely on your furling system is a must. We all have heard stories about in-mast or in-boon not operating furling, and our goal is for you to be able to rely on any moment on all your materials.

Our rigging team can work, maintain and repair from our shipyard in Barcelona any kind of furling system for jib, geona, and mainsails. Furling mainsails are increasing in popularity, even for bigger offshore cruising boats.

We are able to deliver the complete maintenance service for all the rigging refit and all deck works for your ship, and we have the best running rigging brands.

Furling system works

  • Troubleshooting
  • New Furling install and remove old furling system.
  • Repairs
  • Parts Supply


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