Yacht load testing
and crane service works.

Complete service from initial inquiry to final completion of the load test, providing the yacht with the load test document measured with a certificated cell.

We offer a professional service of all kinds of load testings: cranes, safety harness, Harken and Ronstan access rail systems (ARS) and Pad-Eyes, Pasarelles and, gangways, etc… up to 10 Ton.


The Access Rail system is a high-quality and durable way for sailors around the world to maintain their yacht while saving time, money, and energy in the process. Key benefits: Freedom of movement and lock into position while working outboard along the hull.

A large yacht like the one your crew is working on takes a lot of time and careful attention to keep running smoothly and safely.

Knowing how much effort you’re investing in this boat, it’s important that you can rely on a Harken ARS authorized certified service all over Spain. As well as Mallorca and Barcelona.

We offer several certified solutions for ensuring those that work onboard have all their bases covered when working along the hull of a very sizable vessel.

Access Rail offers two cars (one with suspension attachments) which can lock into position by simply pressing on handrails fitted over aluminum channels or rails integrated within Safety Pads, such as our Fall Protection Barrier or our Guardrail System. This makes sure they stay put while being attached to maintenance equipment at high points around areas where railings are.

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Harken designed the Access Rail system so crews of very large yachts would have a secure system that allows freedom of movement, and the ability to lock into position while working outboard along the hull.

Harken ARS authorized certified service Barcelona

Pinstop car allows movement of cars along track. Open to move; close to lock in place.

Patented wire retaining clips keep balls captive, making cars easy to load and maintain. Composite corner keepers help keep ball bearings captive when the car is off the track. For a cost-effective option, CB+ cars can be modified to run on Harken non-CB track.

We offer a professional service
of all kinds of load testings

  • Cranes
  • Safety harness
  • Harken access rail systems (ARS)
  • Gangways
  • Up to 10 Ton.
Yach load test in Barcelona


Based on our experience, we excel in safety, quality control and cost-effectiveness.

Our services include water weight testing for cranes, winches, davits, beams, hoists, walkways and lifeboats. As well as load testing water bags for life-saving appliances, lifting equipment and hydrostatic release units for liferafts.